October 2, 2015

Vuly Trampolines – Australia’s Most Popular Backyard Trampoline

vuly trampoline review

Vuly Trampolines are an Australian brand of trampoline available in the United States and around the world. While Vuly Trampolines are best known as a play-thing of Australian children and adults, these high-end trampolines can be purchased almost anywhere in the world.

There are three common Vuly Trampoline sizes: 8 ft (small), 10 ft (medium) and 12 ft (large).
Because Vuly Trampolines are designed primarily for children, the size of these backyard trampolines is noticeably smaller than many of their other popular trampoline counterparts. The small size of these trampolines, in combination with the safety nets have made Vuly trampolines so popular with parents, is that they allow small children (usually between the ages of 5 and 12) to jump more freely, without risk of injury.

While many of the larger trampolines on the market (such as 16 foot and rectangular trampolines) are designed primarily for high-jumping and stunt work, Vuly trampolines are targeted more towards young children who want to simply jump up and down, play games (such as basketball or twister), or get an enjoyable cardio workout. Vuly trampolines, because of their size, are not primarily designed for super high-jumping in mind, although they can be used that way for older jumpers. Vuly trampolines use the highest quality parts in order to create a strong, safe, durable and fun backyard trampoline for bouncers of all ages.vuly trampolines review

Vuly trampolines are popular with kids because the company has gone above and beyond in trying to design a family-friendly trampoline that is about more than just jumping up and down. Vuly trampolines come equipped with a whole host of features that make them fun for kids, adults and anyone who want to try jumping on a trampoline.

A Strong, Sturdy Metal Trampoline Frame

A strong, galvanized steel frame gives each Vuly Trampoline a sturdy and durable foundation. In fact, the frame will stand the test of time, even when exposed to rain, sun and wind. Vuly trampolines knows that a sturdy frame means a better bounce, so they use Square Join technology and galvanized steel in their frames. In addition, Vuly Trampolines are assembled using pop-locks and come with a 10-year warranty – which is almost unheard of in any kind of children’s toy or outdoor plaything.

Patented Square Join technology adds strength and stability, preventing breakage of the frame legs and the joins stay at 90°, won’t snap, and keep the trampoline firmly in place. Vuly trampoline net poles connect directly to the frame with pop-locks. This eliminates the wear and tear of welding, and makes the poles easy to remove. While attached, they sit perfectly in place.

Up-down tapered springs are used to provide the best bounce for all users. Smaller bouncers will use the top springs, and larger bouncers will use both, alleviating pressure on joints and provided a superior bounce. Vuly trampoline springs are made of high-quality galvanized steel, and feature a Chromium Conversion Coating. That means no rust, corrosion or breakages, so the company guarantee them for five whole years! Because Vuly trampolines has so much faith in the construction of their product, they provide each of their trampolines with a 10-year warranty to cover every Vuly Trampoline frame.

Vuly Trampolines Are Safe

Designed to eliminate the risk of serious injury, the Vuly trampoline enclosure system is made up of a tight Silk Terylene safety net, impact-absorbing elastic strips, and thick, high quality safety padding.

The rings of Vuly’s safety belt system work together to share the impact of every bounce. This absorption of force prevents net tearing and ensures the longevity of your trampoline. Vuly’s super strong, Silk Terylene trampoline enclosure provides supported flexibility. This keeps whoever is jumping on the trampoline away from impact zones – such as trampoline poles. With this technology, there’s no chance your child will hit the springs or frame of a Vuly Trampoline or get their dainty fingers and toes stuck.

Thick foam trampoline padding ensures a safe bounce every time. Designed for extra safety and strength, Vuly trampoline springs attach to the net, looping through the mat to form a secure connection. To keep your fingers and toes safe, Vuly Trampolines are made with a fine netting to prevent catching. The holes in the trampoline net are far too small to get caught on – making Vuly trampolines incredibly safe for small children.

Vuly’s Silk Terylene trampoline enclosure is also incredibly soft on your skin. You won’t get friction grazes from bouncing into it, as you would on cheaper brands, but it still offers great support. It’s easy to take Vuly’s net poles down when you want to. This is especially useful when there’s a storm brewing, or when you need to put a temporary stop your eager kids’ jumping.

The net poles on a Vuly Trampoline are soft, durable and sturdy. Thick PVC pole sleeves add extra strength to ensure the safety of your trampoline, plus Vuly’s unique black foam is built to last.

Fun & Colorful Vuly Trampoline Pads

The high quality standard of the reversible, long lasting safety pads on our trampolines means a safe, comfortable bounce every time.

The pads on some other trampolines have been known to slip off and expose springs. But Vuly trampolines feature thick, direct-connect PVC loops that keep the pads firmly anchored to your trampoline springs and frame. Unique to Vuly Trampolines, the Bisonyl trampoline pads are water and UV resistant, meaning they last twice as long as other others, and won’t disintegrate like other brands. Plus, reversible pads mean double the lifespan. Swap between Vuly’s unique Green Funky Free print and Classic Blue, proven to be more fade-resistant than orange, pink, red and yellow.

Fun & Games with Vuly Trampolines

The best part of a Vuly Trampoline is all the games you can play on it. Solo bouncers and team players alike will have fun using the Vuly HexVex™ game mat and inventing their own games. Add to the fun of your Thunder Trampoline by playing games on our HexVex™ Game Mat, learning new skate tricks on your Vuly Deck and sleeping out in the Trampoline Tent.

TRAMPOLINE TWISTER: Players 1 and 2 stand in the center of the mat. Player 3 is the ‘referee’. The referee closes their eyes and chooses an icon and body part for Players 1 and 2 to touch together, for example “Left Leg, Alien.” The player able to stay up for the longest without falling over wins.

MIMIC ME: Players start on opposite edges of the trampoline and face each other. Player 1 calls out the name of an icon and jumps to it. Player 2 mimics Player 1 by jumping to the same icon. Repeat for all nine icons. If Player 2 correctly mimics all the icons selected by Player 1, they win the game.

STORY HOP: One player starts in the middle of the jumping mat and all others sit on the edge. The player jumps on any icon, and tells one element of a story related to that icon. Repeat with all nine icons. To finish a turn, the player must use each icon to tell a complete story. The player whose story achieves the most laughs wins.

BOUNCE POINTS: One player starts in the middle of the mat and the other player/referee calls out an icon for them to jump to. Hitting the closest icon will receive five points, and hitting the furthest icon receives 10 points. If the player misses or falls, five points are deducted. Tally the points after 10 jumps. The player with the most points wins.

While the icons on the Vuly trampoline mat is unique, please note that the paint on the HexVex Game Mat may wear off over time. Pressure on the jumping mat causes the paint to stretch and crack. The ‘wearing off’ effect occurs in some trampolines sooner than others, depending on the conditions in which the paint was applied, usage levels and weather conditions. vuly trampolines on sale

Vuly Trampolines On Sale

An incredible amount of thought and effort has been put into making Vuly trampolines one of the best kids trampolines in the world. The safety measures, the games, the colors, and the fact that the trampoline is fun for both adults and children makes Vuly Trampolines one of the best trampolines in the world. What are you waiting for, get your Vuly Trampoline right now! They’re available on the Vuly website at www.vulytrampolines.com and you can find them on sale at Amazon.com.