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If those small round trampolines just won’t cut it and you want a trampoline designed for tricks, stunts and lots of high jumping, then you need to consider purchasing a rectangular trampoline.

Rectangular trampolines are the type you see professional athletes training on most often. Olympic gymnasts, ski jumpers, circus performers, dancers and even professional rock climbers all use rectangular trampolines to train for their various sports.

While the rectangular trampoline does cost a bit more than their circular counterparts, the rectangular trampoline provides a larger jumping area, a superior bounce, and is worth the extra money if you have the space and budget allowed.

On this page you will find eight of the most popular rectangular trampolines currently on the market. The prices of these trampolines vary, from as little as $659 USD for the most basic version, to as much as $2,779 USD for a more professional rectangular trampoline.

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Skywalker Rectangular Trampoline – $659

skywalker rectangular trampoline

The Skywalker 15X9 foot rectangular trampoline and enclosure has a traditional rectangle shape with the long straight sides making it great for competitive jumpers, aspiring gymnasts as well as family fun for everyone. A rectangle trampoline, by design, will give the highest lift versus the traditional round trampolines. This is due to the springs working at different rates giving the jumper more control over their height and landing. The galvanized steel frame and durable materials of this rectangular trampoline provide weather resistance for years of outdoor enjoyment. The enclosure frame interlocks with the trampoline frame using T-sockets at each frame joint preventing structural twisting. The enclosure netting interlocks with the jump mat at each v-ring using a button-hole feature which eliminates gaps with no ropes to thread. All materials of this rectangular trampoline are made to be durable and long lasting with UV resistant materials.

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Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline – $698

upper bounce rectangular trampoline

Bring your high-bouncing fun to your own backyard with this “Upper Bounce Easy Assemble 8′ X 14′ Rectangular Trampoline with the Fiber Flex Enclosure Feature”. Rectangular trampolines like this one are known for their massive bounce due to the independently working springs that work at different rates – giving you the highest lift, as well as enables jumper to have better control over their height and landing. This rectangular trampoline has 4 heavy duty legs, 8 curved poles with 86 springs. The Top Flex Pole Enclosure System offers amazing stability and durability. Rectangular Trampoline Height with enclosure: 106 feet. Get this Upper Bounce rectangular trampoline and you’re in for the bouncing experience of your life.

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Summit Rectangular Trampoline – $979

Summit rectangular trampoline

The Summit Rectangular Trampoline adds more safety and protection for you, your children and you loved ones to help prevent injury. Friends and family will have a blast while gaining momentum, burning energy and improving their hand-eye coordination, dexterity, balance and all without even realizing it on this large rectangular trampoline. A rectangular trampoline like this one can be a great way for people to get together and spend hours bouncing around and testing their heights. Remember, the sky is the limit on this high-end rectangular trampoline

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Acon Air Rectangular Trampoline – $1,399

Acon Air rectangular trampoline

The ACON Air Sport rectangular sport trampoline is a rectangular trampoline that is built to last. Designed for both kids and adults, the ACON Air 16 Sport comes with a 5 year warranty on its sturdy frame. This heavy duty and quality trampoline is designed for year round use and is our number one recommended rectangular trampoline. Jump all you can in the summer heat and in the winter snow and cold – there is no need to take this trampoline down in the fall (You can keep it up all year long). With this rectangular trampoline you are paying for thicker pipes, the highest rated springs, the best sewn mat, a thicker foam spring pad and an enclosure that fits tight to the mat. The ACON Air 16 Sport rectangular trampoline includes 138 heavy gauge galvanized springs with a spring pre-load of 82 N. Each spring measures 10 inches allowing big air jumping by both kids and adults. Designed in Finland.

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Olympic Rectangular Trampoline – $1,599

olympic size trampoline

Made in the USA! The 10X17 Olympic Rectangular Trampoline is the official size used in the Olympic games. The frame of this rectangular trampoline measures 9×7 inch wide by 16×7 inch long and is 39 inch in height. The frame is built with heavy 10 and 12 gauge 40 galvanized steel tubing. The bed of this rectangular trampoline is manufactured using #1 grade permeation trampoline material and measures exactly 7 X 14. (350lb. weight limit) The frame pads are 1.25 thick 13 wide polyethylene foam covered in heavy duty 20oz coated vinyl. 39 inch trampoline height. 8.5 springs. The Olympic Rectangular Trampoline company custom sews Velcro straps on the bottom of their pads so as to keep the trampoline pads firmly attached on the trampoline.

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Jumpsport Rectangular Trampoline – $2,099

jumpsport rectangular trampoline

The new JumpSport 10×17 foot rectangular trampoline is ideally suited for situations where space is at a premium. Its narrow profile makes it a good choice for side yard installations and its rectangular trampoline shape is preferred by gymnasts to simulate their training environment. A sturdy design and a safety enclosure with padded shock-absorbing poles that flex upon impact combine to create a durable and safe experience for children of all ages, up to 225 pounds. The Jumpsport rectangular trampoline also features added strap and shock cord suspension system to improve safety, shock-absorption, and help push jumpers back onto the trampoline. The Patented Triple-Fail-Safe engineering uses two “back up” support systems to hold the net in place, a degree of protection not found in most other trampoline enclosures. This is a very high-quality rectangular trampoline and we highly recommend it.

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AlleyOop Rectangular Trampoline – $2,779

alley oop rectangular trampoline

This state-of-the-art rectangular trampoline by AlleyOop improves both shock-absorption and bounce performance. It’s the first and only rectangular trampoline that can be tuned for different age, weight, and skill levels, yet it also broadens the performance spectrum so that jumpers with a wider range of weights and skill levels can safely enjoy the same set up. Soar to new levels with what many believe is the best rectangular trampoline! The PowerArmTM linkages work like levers as the Booster-Springs stretch, and this significantly improves the bounce performance. The bottom setting of this professional rectangular trampoline provides the best combination of shock absorption and performance because it super-stages the springs.