September 16, 2016

Pogo Balls

A pogo ball is a small, Saturn-shaped inflatable ball that is sandwiched in-between a plastic standing plate or board. To use a pogo ball, your child stands on the horizontal board and then balances atop the ball while jumping in place. Pogo balls are less expensive than pogo sticks and are safe for small children developing their balance.

The pogo ball is an old-school toy that remains popular – even in today’s modern world, with smartphones, gaming systems and the widespread use of the Internet. For many parents, getting their child to be active in an outdoor environment is a key part of their role… and pogo balls are a wonderful, inexpensive means of getting your child to jump about, burn calories, develop a sense of balance, and have a whole lot of fun.

There are two main ways to use a pogo ball. The first, and easiest way, is to simply use the pogo ball as a balancing board. To do this, place the pogo ball on the ground, then stand atop the pogo ball and squeeze your feet together – holding the pogo ball in position between your feed. Then, lean into the board and balance in position – doing your best not to sway or fall from side to side.

Once you or your child has got that down, the next step is actually jumping on the pogo ball. Like with the first technique, lay the pogo ball on the ground and squeeze the top part of the ball between your feet. Then, quickly get your balance and start jumping in place. As you jump, remember to keep your feet squeezing the top part of the pogo ball – otherwise the ball will fall out and you’ll be unable to continue jumping.

There’s not a whole lot of spring in a pogo ball, but the use of a pogo ball does require a fair amount of balance. This is why this particular jumping toy isn’t usually recommended to any child under the age of six. If you want a toy designed for 3, 4 or 5 year olds, consider the use of a hopper ball, bounce house or trampoline instead. After your children have mastered the hopper ball, then move them to a pogo ball, and after that, a pogo stick or jumping stilts!

Pogo balls like the High Bounce balance jump board ball cost as little as $15 USD and go up to as much as $39 USD. Pogo balls aren’t easy to find at most local toy stores, however, as they’ve been moved out of toy stores in recent years due to lack of shelf space. That’s why, it’s much easier to buy your pogo balls online – Sites like have dozens of different pogo balls to choose from.

Some of our favorite pogo balls are featured below. You should note the difference in prices – as the cheaper balls are usually made for smaller children, and the more expensive pogo balls and balance boards can be used by both children and adults – such as ZB Freestyle Dual Sided Trick Board Toy, which is kind of like a pogo ball and a skateboard or snowboard combined into a single jumping toy that the whole family can enjoy.