September 16, 2016

Hopper Balls

Hopper balls come in a variety of shapes and colors. They are even known by a bunch of different names: hopping ball, hopper ball, jumping hopper ball, hopper, hop ball, hippity hop ball, kangaroo bouncer, etc.

Whatever you call them, hopper balls are small, fun, bouncy balls that children sit on while they bounce around and get a fun exercise workout. Hopper balls are usually made of plastic or durable vinyl and feature a handle at the top of the ball, where your child can hold onto the ball as he or she bounces in your yard, at the park, or even inside your home.

Hopper balls are inflatable too, which means you can store them flat when not in use, and then quickly blow them up whenever the kids are in need of a good bounce.

Most hopper balls are designed to be used by young children between the ages of 3 and 15. Some hopper balls recommend not using the product until your child is at least three years of age, while others recommend your child be four or older. Your discretion here is important. Luckily, having your child play on a hopper ball is a safe and enjoyable means of exercise and entertainment. Compared to pogo sticks, jumping stilts and pogo balls, hopper balls (like the ones you see on this page) are some of the safest jumping toys on the market today.

There are a number of different hopper ball designs to choose from. There are Disney hopper balls, space themed jumper balls, soccer hopper balls, basketball hopper balls, princess hopper balls, animal-shaped hopper balls, and a whole host of additional designs and colors.

There are even products similar to hopper balls that are designed in the shape of an animal – such as horse, bull or rhinoceros. These unique jumping toys allow your children to bounce about on what appears to be a real-life animal! There are even hopper balls and hopper blow-up riding animals for adults!

Not only are hopper balls bright, colorful, fun to play with and a good means of exercise for your children, but hopper balls are also incredibly affordable. The cheapest inflatable hopper balls start at around $9.99 USD and go up from there to as much as $30 USD or more. However, most hopper balls cost about $12-17 USD… and we recommend spending a little more when purchasing a hopper ball of any kind. The quality of the products that cost $18 are generally two to three times as good as the hopper balls that cost less than ten dollars. With hopper balls being such a cheap children’s toy, it’s worth spending the extra money to get the best hopper ball you can buy. You and your child will be grateful you spend just a couple extra dollars on this purchase.

If you’re in the market for a hopper ball, hopping ball, jumping hopper ball, hippity hop ball, kangaroo bouncer, or whatever you want to call it, then be sure to check out the products featured on this page. These are some of the most popular hopper balls currently on the market.

Hopper balls make a great gift for holidays, birthdays and special occasions. With Christmas coming up, there couldn’t be a better, or less expensive jumping toy for your child this winter!

Now pick the hopper ball of your dreams, have it shipped to your house, and watch as your child jumps with joy over his or her new hopper ball!

Hop balls are often times called hop balls, hoppy balls, hopping balls, bounce balls, bouncy balls and a whole host of similar names. More information on the hop ball will be added to this page in the near future. Check back soon for more hop ball fun!