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16ft trampolines are the best for adults, teenagers wishing to get a higher bounce, and those who want to support as much as 450 pounds of pressure. With a 16ft trampoline, everybody can have fun jumping – kids, teenagers, and adults!

To help you find the best 16ft trampoline, we’ve put together the following list of our top 5 recommended models.

Superjumper Trampoline Combo

superjumper trampoline reviews

The Superjumper 16 foot trampoline is the most popular trampoline model in Europe because it’s made with such top tier quality materials. The mat is firmly sewed, it has anti rust steel tubes, and the weight limit on this heavy duty trampoline model is 330 lbs. The Superjumper Trampoline Combo has been tested and certified for UV resistance… and we would highly recommend it. It has been the best selling model because it has the lowest price on the market, with it’s not lacking in quality.

Upper Bounce Trampoline with Enclosure

upper bounce trampoline with safety net

Made with a heavy-duty steel frame and with an added enclosure net for extra safety, this round trampoline from Upper Bounce is a favorite among trampoline jumpers. The pad that covers its springs is waterproof and the enclosure net is connected on the side of the trampoline with minimal gaps, providing excellent security, which protects kids from any accidents. The actual jump surface of this 16 foot trampoline is made from Polypropylene and this is a mid-price trampoline for its size.

ExactMe 16ft Trampoline

exact me walmart trampoline

Exacme trampolines are made with strong, rust-resistant galvanized steel tubing, which is safer and longer-lasting than conventional welded trampolines. 6 U-shaped legs with 12 balanced contact points add stability and prevent wobbling or tipping. Plus, this added support also makes it safer for larger and heavier jumpers. The 16 foot size combined with the galvanized springs provide a deeper, more exciting bounce. This 16ft trampoline has a 375-pound maximum weight capacity, is easy to assemble and requires no tools or extra drilling. A zipper enclosure allows easy in-and-out access and the rust-resistant frame will hold up for years of heavy outdoor use.

Kanga Professional Trampoline

16 foot kanga trampoline

Despite its flashy name, the Kanga Professional Trampoline is a mid-level trampoline that will give the best bounce to medium-weight jumpers (although it will take a maximum user weight of 400 pounds. It sits 89cm from the ground and its 16ft frame gives a 14ft jump area. The edge of the trampoline and the springs are covered with a closed cell foam padding… and this cell foam padding provides much better water resistance than some cheaper foams do.

Magic Circle Octagon Trampoline

magic circle octagon trampoline

This 16 ft trampoline is extremely sturdy. It has a tensile strength of 350 lbs per square inch and the weight limit is the highest in the industry at about 450 pounds. This particular trampoline is considered the safest with a UV protected foam pad around the springs so you’ll be protected while you jump and the pad won’t lose its color over time. Best of all, this trampoline is almost entirely maintenance free. Simply set it up and start jumping!

So there you have it. Those are our top five picks for the best 16 foot trampolines currently on the market. Click the links above at the top of this page to buy any one of the trampolines you find here.

Trampolines are getting very popular. They are a nice, fast, and fun way to get your dose of outdoor recreation, and the kids (and adults too) will have a blast jumping about. Trampolines are fun for the entire family. Just pick the size and shape of the trampoline you like most, have the trampoline shipped to your house, put it together (it only takes a few minutes and is super easy to do), and then you’re ready to go?

What are you waiting for? Pick out a 16ft trampoline on this page… and get jumping!