Upper Bounce Trampoline
Pure Fun Trampoline
Sportspower Trampoline
Super Jumper Combo
Skywalker Round Trampoline
upper bounch 14 foot trampoline
pure fun 14 foot trampoline
sportspower 14 foot trampoline
super jumper combo 14 foot trampoline
skywalker 14 foot trampoline
14 foot trampoline
pure fun trampoline
sportspower trampoline
super jumper trampoline
skywalker trampoline

The 14 foot trampoline is the perfect size trampoline if you’re limited in yard space or you have small children you want to introduce to this fun outdoor activity. On this page you will find five of the best, highest-rated 14 foot trampolines in the world. While we recommend $299 Sportspower Trampoline if you’re looking for the best deal… the slightly more expensive $440 Skywalker Round Trampoline is worth the extra cost, as this high-rated trampoline provides a far superior bounce.

While you’re shopping, please keep in mind that trampolines come in a number of different sizes. The 14 foot trampoline is the smallest of the big backyard trampolines, with 15 and 16 foot trampolines being extremely popular as well.

You should purchase a 14 foot trampoline only if you are limited in yard space or you have young children you don’t want to jumping too high. Otherwise, we recommend purchasing a larger 15 or 16 foot trampoline, as the size difference won’t be noticed by most, but the bounce provided by these larger trampolines is far superior to those found on the 14 foot models you see on this page.

Skywalker Round Trampoline with Enclosure

skywalker 14 foot trampoline

This 14 foot trampoline is another great model from Skywalker, the manufacturing king of outdoor trampolines. You don’t have to worry about injuries either, because this trampoline comes with a safety enclosure net which is attached to every spring. Maintenance is a piece of cake considering this 14 foot trampoline has a rust-resistant, heavy-duty galvanized steel frame, with a guarantee of durability. This is a highly recommended trampoline!

Pure Fun 14 Foot Trampoline

pure fun trampoline

The Pure Fun 14 foot trampoline features a T section frame construction, made from strong galvanized steel tubes. The weight capacity of this particular trampoline is 250 pounds, so it’s perfectly designed for jumpers of all sizes. This model is extra stable and its unique design prevents it from shifting, wobbling, or tipping. With a water resistant spring pad, it’s pretty clear that the manufacturer of this 14 foot trampoline has put the safety first – although the enclosure net is sold separately. Even without the safety net, however, this is still a very affordable trampoline.

Sportspower 14 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure

sportspower trampoines

This bouncing 14 foot trampoline is in a bit lower price range, which makes it totally affordable if you don’t plan to spend a lot of money. However, quality is still present in the SportsPower 14 foot trampoline, which comes with a UV resistant enclosure net, T weld frame design and, of course, galvanized steel tube frames. Designed for slightly smaller jumpers, this bargain trampoline supports jumpers weighing 220 pounds or less. The springs are Zinc coated for extra durability and safety… and it’s available in a variety of colors.

Upper Bounce Trampoline

pure fun trampoline

Upper Bounce always tries to come up with new features for their products, and this 14 foot trampoline is no exception. This trampoline has easy assemble/disassemble enclosure net poles which requires no special hardware. So it’s a breeze to set up and take down in record time. Other highlights include a galvanized powder-coated steel frame, jumping mat with PP mesh material, and a safety pad resistant to water. Weight capacity on this 14 foot trampoline is is 330 pounds! If you’re looking for trampoline which assembles a bit quicker and is designed for slightly larger jumpers, then the Upper Bounce trampoline is an absolute winner.

Super Jumper Combo Trampoline

super jumper combo trampoline

Finally, this heavy duty round shaped trampoline comes with an enclosure net, free installation tools, and has a weight limit of 330 lb. The enclosure net is made of mesh, which is a great safety feature to keep your kids from falling off the trampoline while they jump. The trampoline is UV coated (which helps to preserve the mat from harsh sunlight and wet weather), has steel galvanized tubes, and a safety pad to cover the springs. The Super Jumper Combo 14 foot trampoline was on sale the last time we checked, so grabbing it now would be a very good idea!

Purchase any of these five 14 foot trampolines and I think you and your kids will be very happy. While 14 foot trampolines are relatively small in size (compared to their 15 and 16 foot trampoline counterparts), they are the perfect size for those with limited space, limited funds, or those with young children.

To learn more about other popular trampoline models, please be sure to see our articles about the best 15 and 16 foot trampolines.